“The Fuss (Part Two of Five): Crying”

Oh, what lessons she still had to learn, not the least of which being that her Daddy meant what he said and always did what he said he was going to do.

And it wasn’t that she was deliberately disobeying him. It was simply that she hadn’t accepted that, as a BabyGirl, a lot decisions were made for her.

And what appeared to be disobedience on her part was really a natural reaction to her loss of independence.

Her Daddy re-assured her that she would get used to the depth of submission she was coming to understand, its privileges and its limitations.

But after today’s spending spree online, her Daddy took all the credit cards and access to bank accounts away from her. And this would remain the case until she understood that you have to have money before you can spend it.

She knelt in front of Daddy’s chair, covered her crying eyes and awaited the moment when he softened and gave in to her. But all he made was one simple statement which made clear that she wasn’t going to get her way this time:

“It’s for your own good, BabyGirl.”

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