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The Yittlin Option –

Her eyes grew as wide as her smile as Mack stood there.  Her Daddy, her sweet Daddy had come to check on her and she bounced up and down on her toes, holding her arms out to receive his praise of the good job she had done with her make-up.  Whereas in other experiences and in past relationships, her made-up look was designed to elicit a different response, with Mack, she could still be a little girl.  And standing there naked, she felt quite little, as if she had just been caught red-handed with her mother’s make-up kit.

Mack didn’t disappoint her innocent wishes, delicately kissing her forehead for the good job she had done of being a big girl.  But it was time to remember: Big Girl Stuff was only a game of dress up.  Pointing to the bathroom rug, he patted her naked bottom, encouraging her to be a good little girl and lie down.  Little babies like her shouldn’t be left naked for too long because accidents could happen at any moment.

Giddy as a little girl, Emmie lied down on her back and lifted her legs straight up in the air and placing her hands alongside her head to keep them out of the way.  And seeing him reaching into the second drawer below the sink to get the bottle of powder, she reminded herself that when Daddy diapered her, she wasn’t to pounce or bounce or move at all after he put the powder on her.  Baby powder smelled very sweet, but as her Daddy had informed her, it also burned something fierce when it was inhaled at the hands, or in this case by the bouncing bottom of excitable little girl who got a case of the wigglies. 

Mack gushed at the sight of her lying there with her legs straight up in the air, but knelt down and kept time in mind as he unfolded her diaper, placed it flat on the rug and lifted her bottom to slide the diaper in place underneath her.  Holding her bottom up, he put that sweet smelling powder on her.  It was moments like this that made Emmie regress with discussion.  Perhaps that was one of the most endearing things about having Mack as her Daddy.  It wasn’t just his words that melted her, but also his actions.  And she truly felt like a yittle baby at his hands.  It hardly seemed off-the-beaten-path anymore, but rather the only thing that felt right.

Lowering her bottom into the softness of her diaper, Mack parted her legs and she gazed up at him with innocence in her eyes that didn’t understand what the word love meant but certainly knew what it felt like and that she felt it for him.  It was as unconditional and that’s why it affected her so deeply.  There were no limits to it and therefore no disappoints waiting for her around the corners.  His hands took the powder to her front, from hip to hip and down between her legs before folding the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips.  She sat up and he slipped her into the white dress, then helping her with her hair as he was eager to get her to the mall.  As she took the blow dryer to her dampened locks, he ran a brush through them, helping the waviness remain as her hair lay on her shoulders.

Within a few minutes, they were out the door.  The mall awaited.  The Daddy-n-Me day awaited.  And the care seat Mack put in the back seat of the car awaited, too. 

Emmie’s eyes grew big and wide with excitement as she saw it and tummyflies welled up inside her as he opened the back door, summoning her to climb up into the car seat.  Receiving a playful pat to her diapered bottom as she climbed up into it, Emmie sat down, feeling little right away.  Oh, this was amazing and in a few seconds of sitting there with her legs dangling down but her feet unable to reach to floor of the car, littleness quickly regressed her into yittleness.  And she couldn’t have been happier.  But Mack worried that the seat belts might wrinkle her little white babydoll dress.  So he took it off her, putting her pacifier in her mouth and buckling her into the car seat.  Then he got into the driver’s seat and they were on their way. 

Emmie sat there in nothing but her diaper and did her best to wrap her little mind around the situation, but overload soon slowed her mental skills to the point where reasoning was a helpless endeavor.  And she regressed a bit further, heading back into yittle land for the ride, if not longer.

She grabbed her feet and rocked back and forward as her Daddy turned on the radio, tuning in at the right moment to hear Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours – a fun little song with an uppity beat.  Nursing on her pacifier, she shyly watched the cars passing by them as she slowly worked back out of overload.  But at the first red light, that all would change as a car of four gabbing college girls pulled up next to them.  They seemed to be headed in the direction of the mall, too.  Absorbed in their conversation, they didn’t notice Emmie, sitting in a car seat and wearing nothing but her diaper.  But Emmie noticed them as well as the differences between her and those girls.

All four of them had their hair and make-up perfected to a far more elaborate degree of detail than hers was.  It was just merely casual every day hair and make-up they dolled themselves up with but it was obvious to Emmie that those girls knew how to do it so much more effectively.  Their clothing and outfits were also indicative of the ability and furthermore, the confidence to not only win attention but own it.  One girl wore a flouncy skirt and a baby-t to show off the sun tan she had worked on all summer long.  One wore blue jeans and a pink t-shirt that were frame-tight.  One wore a flowery loose summer dress that accentuated her fair-complected skin.  And one girl white shorts and a spaghetti strap cami. 

Emmie felt very small, almost overwhelmed by what she viewed as competition.  But as their car pulled up to the red light at the end of Mall Road at the same time Mack did, Emmie won the battle of attention clearly as all four of them turned their heads and saw her.  Emmie’s face went white and she was glad to be strapped into that car seat for how dizzy she felt.  Helpless to hide from them, she nursed on her pacifier as she saw them slip behind Mack’s car as they both turned into the mall parking lot when the red light went green.  They began to follow Mack, or so it seemed from the view of them that Emmie had from the rearview mirror on the windshield.  Mack seemed oblivious to being tailed by the girls.  But Emmie felt a tingle and a bit of goose bumped fear as the thrill of discovery was about to become actual discovery.  Vulnerability and exposure were no longer terms that even encompassed how Emmie felt.  And as Mack pulled into a parking spaces, they four girls pulled into the one right next to them.  That was when Emmie wet herself.

With nowhere to hide and no ability to even think straight, her mind softened, turning her senses to mush as the four girls slowly got out of the car, two of them already beginning to gush at how adorable Emmie was.  The other two were still too shocked to show any girly ogling reactions yet.  But they would shortly follow.

Only when the girls began to ask Mack what was going on did he finally get clued in to them being there and being interested in the nearly-naked girl in the diaper in the car seat in the back seat.  Emmie’s face turned beet red as she blushed at Mack unbuckling her and then placing his hand on the diaper between her legs, patting her and telling her she didn’t need her diaper changed yet.

By then, the two girls who were in disbelief up to that point had finally entered into gushing mode.  And the two girls who had already been gushing over her were now in the giggling mode as they found her to be the most adorable thing in the world – not because she was sitting in a car seat wearing only a diaper and was now in an extremely embarrassing situation but because her eyes showed her incapability to process what was happening.  Emmie was helpless and lost and it was clear in her eyes how she needed Mack to guide each waddled and crinkly step she made. 

Slipping her into the little white babydoll dress, Mack helped her out of the car and across the parking lot.  The girls parted from them and headed into the mall at a different entrance, but now had something new to gab about.  But on her way in, Emmie looked back over her shoulder at the four girls, once again taking in the differences between her and them.  They were big girls and she was just a baby, Mack’s baby.  And this made her feel little and happy all over again as they walked towards the mall entrance.

Looking up at Mack as he opened the door for her, she realized she learned that the best thing to wear with that little white babydoll dress was blush … and not just the make-up.

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