… In Like a Lamb, The 50,000th Visit, and the BabyGirl Sound File

I love the month of March, not just because I’m a Pisces, but because March marks the end of winter.  I’ve never been crazy about winter and though each season has its charms, winter is my fourth favorite.

March ends it. And what begins is spring.  This year, we had the added bonus of February 29th, the leap day.  I can’t recall any leap day of the 9 I have been around for that was memorable … that is until 2012.

On Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, I saw the visitor ticker on this website flip over to 50,000.  I was suddenly filled with the need to thank everyone who visited this site since July 2011 – 50,000 times.

Realizing I couldn’t do this, I decided to post something now which I was going to wait a few days before doing, but, as you will hear, this file simply shouldn’t be kept from anyone to hear.

As a thank you for the 50,000 views, here is an audio file, read by a BabyGirl who can usher in the St. Patrick’s Irish of March simply be speaking with her charming and endearing accent.  It’s actually not an Irish accent she has, but she explains that in the sound file. So I’ll let her handle the geography.

Without further ado, thank you to one and all for the first 50,000 visits and I hope you enjoy the next 50,000.

For now, enjoy this audio file and the sweet voice of someone who has ushered in March … Like a Lamb.

Zorro Daddy

From the book

Zeke and Lily: Her Diary

Here is the sound file to: Entry One (as read by Barbarellastar from FetLife)

Follow her along as she readsHere’s the Entry.


Find the entire Zeke and Lily Saga Here.

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