What to Wear With a White BabyDoll Dress – The Saga Option

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The Saga Option –

Emmie smiled warmly at him, feeling the same spark as he did.  Her wiles had once again done their job.  And so long as he always got that look in his eyes when he saw her naked, she knew there would never be anything that would come between them.  When it was broken down to its bare elements, she was a girl and he was guy.  And they went together perfectly.  The rest was just a bunch of details that made life interesting and personal. 

She walked into his arms and his embrace, feeling his hands on her back and then on her bottom, patting her gently.  And as he rocked her back and forth in his arms, she closed her eyes – feeling his affection through touch.  It wasn’t the only touch she would remember from this day, but since he woke her up that morning, everything had continued building from the previous.  Soon, it would kick into high gear, but before that could happen, there was a little pampering she needed. 

He reached over and opened the second drawer down under the sink and she smiled, knowing what he was getting out.  That wonderful, sweet scent filled the air and then his hand powdered her bottom with the same caress he always used – all of this while still in his embrace.  But time was ticking away in the Daddy-n-Me day and there were more memories waiting to be made.  Turning back to the mirror, she began to work on her hair, deciding to leave it down on her shoulders.  And as she took a blow dryer to it, she felt his hand reach around and cup her between the legs with that same sweet scent following it.

She smiled, having never been diapered by him while she stood up.  It was rather unique, but fit in with the nature of surprise that he never seemed to be without.  Her attention turned to the scrunching details of a good bounce she worked into her locks.  And she lost track of what he was doing.  But in a matter of seconds, his presence was felt again, having unfolded her diaper, positioned it between her ankles and beginning to slide it up the length of her legs.  She tingled, feeling the elastic edgings as they slid up along her inner thighs.  Mack positioned himself behind her, flattening the back of her diaper to her bottom and pulling the front up into place.  And in doing so, he made all the right contact with the sweetness between her legs, sending a ping of sensations through her that took her thoughts back to his caressing touch at her wake that morning.  That tingle would remain in her thoughts and in her senses until another bit of the right touch would fever her pitch.  But for the moment, she would be wrapped for keeping until the moment was just as right.

He taped her snuggly into the diaper and reached around her with both hands, pushing her diapered peach up against the counter edge as he washed his hands in the sink in front of her.  Emmie laughed a bit but never deviated from the task at hand, making sure that this day would be a good hair day.  Then he picked up the white dress, slipping it over her arms-n-head and allowing it to flutter down her frame.

Off they went without sparing another moment longer than it took for her to get ready.  But what she got ready for was more than just a simple trip to the mall.  Perhaps they both knew that the time would be right at several moments that day.  And on the way to the mall, the twinkle in her eye made clear how her tingle had grown to a lust for need.  As danger was always a good heightener of such desires, Mack had her lie down on the front seat with her knees bent and parted – presenting him with a view of her diapered middle.  And as to take her by surprise once more, at the first red light, he reached over, slid her white dress up above her chest, plunked her pacifier in her mouth and stepped on the gas when the light went green.

But the real surprise came when he slid two fingers under the elastic edging of her diaper, pushing it to the side and slipping them inside her canal.  The tingle that began in the bathroom back home had brought her to a second swell of the day and gave wetness to his glide inside her.  Then he curled his fingers inside her, reaching up to the roof of her tunnel and finding those ridges that would remove all modesty from her current disposition.

It didn’t take long for him to systematically eliminate all the wrong spots from his search for the right one – the g-spot that, upon his first touch to it, made her gasp and start rocking her hips.  Her arousal built quickly and she closed her eyes, biting her lip and concentrating on gliding with his fingering.  Her breasts bounced with the rocking of her hips and she climbed swiftly towards the zenith.  She gasped again, now whimpering into her pacifier as her lower back arched and her chest heaved upward.  The summit was nearing with more quickness than allowed for time to prepare – another pleasure in surprise.  He picked up the pace, fingering her more rapidly at the next red light, making her whimper more loudly and twitch with arriving signals.

And all at once, she shivered then seized up as her orgasm arrived, powerful and sudden.  He continued fingering her until her back lowered and she placed her hands on the front of her diaper, smiling brightly behind her pacifier and opening her eyes with a gleam of contentment in her irises.  He drove the rest of the way to the mall, watching her slip both her hands inside her diaper to tease her clit and outer lips of her labia into an afterglow that looked to feel as good for her as the orgasm did.

But the staying-smile she wore behind that pacifier didn’t just mean she was feeling good between her legs.  She also felt good beneath her chest and between her temples as her heart pounded with her thoughts of him.  Oh, how good love felt when experiencing it in many places and with passion both inward and outward from the intensity of the first of a hopeful many orgasm on this day.  If this kept up, she might start telling him that the time was right as often as she could.

As he pulled into the mall, she sat up and opened the passenger’s vanity mirror on the visor, feeling a warmth between her legs that would remain with each crinkled waddle of their trip and hopefully, long after that.  And as they crossed the parking lot to the mall entrance, she discovered that the best thing to wear with that little white babydoll dress was a smile because a smile could say things that words often couldn’t.

But enough of the deep thoughts.  They had made it to the mall and Emmie was ready to move into shopping mode – another one of her wiles that made benches seem inviting for Mack.  As, she would find out, however, this shopping trip would be a bit different from her past treks to sale racks.

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