“For What It’s Worth” (and it’s definitely worth it.)

View these two different stages of Love:

  • There’s the “Meeting”, the “Getting to Know”, the “Falling in Love” and so on.
  • But then, there’s the “Healing”, the “Starting Over”, the “Learning to Love Again” and so on.

In between these two stages can be a really dark time for someone’s heart.  It can seem hopeless and you can feel empty.  And everything around you can remind you of where you were and where you like to be, what you had and what you’d like to have again.

I guess you could call it a “middle stage”.  If you’re someone who’s in that strange and uncertain chunk of time between yesterday and tomorrow, here’s something I stumbled across on FetLife you may want to read:

For What It’s Worth

The Beauty of Individuals is that we are all one.  We are unique and no one is exactly the same as anyone else.  And what this means is:  The Successes of your Future will not include the Failures of your Past.

Rest assured in that, and know that reruns only apply to television shows.

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