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The Grat Option –

Emmie curled her arms up, crossing them in front of her body as her shoulders shrunk.  Her chin lowered and she became overwhelmed with a sense of how naked she was.  Added into that feeling was the knowledge of all the more clothing she would be wearing – a paper-thin, short dress and that thick disposable diaper in his hand.  She stepped forward into his chest, awaiting his directions – only to be spun around as he pressed her back against his chest.  He turned her to face the mirror as he wrapped his arms around her.  The image of the two of them was one that made clear their roles.  She entered into a state of submission, joining her own wrists in front of her chest and pinning her forearms in her cleavage.  She trembled in his arms, full of uncertainty, of what to do, of how to feel.  And her eyes, so beautifully made up, began to well with tears.  It was at that moment that Mack took control, not just of her body but also of her emotions.

Shutting the bathroom door, he took hold of her wrists and turned her to face the back of the door.  She continued trembling as he held her wrists above her head and pressed her naked body up against the door.  Cracking her reddened bottom a few more times, his smacks echoed off the bathroom walls, adding another tone in her ears aside from the high pitched squeals coming from her.  Her bottom was so red it looked like it was ready to burst into flames.  But as she bit her lower lip to get through the initial pains of the new sting, she stopped trembling – suddenly finding comfort in his aggression.

She would pay him a thank you for that adjustment of her emotion but not before he unfolded the diaper and flattened it to her bottom before pressing his groin into her backside.  She felt her sweetness being pushed against the door, renewing the swell between her legs.  But this time, her arousal would be denied as he reached below her diapered bottom and forced the diaper up onto her front.  Releasing her wrists, he pressed his groin against her diapered bottom – pushing all his weight against her as he fastened the tapes snuggly at her hips.  She held her arms above her head, keeping them out of his way to avoid a correction for having lowered them without permission.

Picking the white dress up off the sink counter, he gathered up the light material and slipped it down over her hands-n-arms, but stopped it from draping down her frame by cupping her breasts with his hands.  Pinching her nipples, he rubbed his fingers together.  She clenched her teeth as long as she cloud, but quickly whimpered into a fuss.  And the moment she fussed, he turned her nipples in his fingers as he also turned her to face the mirror again.

“You need to finish up, baby,” he whispered in her ear as he released her nipples and took his hands away from her breasts to allow the white dress to drape down the rest of her frame.

And as the dress stretched out its length, she saw how it did, in fact, reach her thighs.  But it only barely reached her thighs, leaving just a bit of the diaper between her legs sticking out in view under the bottom hem.  She went to work on her hair, opting to leave in down on her shoulders, but realizing that if she ever got the impulse to shrink up her shoulders while they were out, she would also be lifting the white dress up and showing her diaper to whomever might be watching.  And since she was going to be wearing a skimpy outfit, the usual quiet watchers would be multiplied in number.  Her secret would get out and there was no better way to make her compliant than to deprive her of the ability to move freely without discovery.  And that was a mind fuck that lived up to its name.

On the way out of the house and to the car, Emmie became accustomed to her waddle and her crinkle, two things she would have limited time to get under control before she was in the public’s eye.  But the more she thought about how he had made her preparations additional restrictions, the more that arousal kept swelling up between her legs.  And at the first red light, she reached over to begin rubbing the inner thigh of his right leg.  Her repeated spanking of the morning were low enough that she felt the red marks while sitting.  And even though she had the relief of a padded diaper to sit on, the ache remained – all of this making her want a few things just a bit more. 

At the present moment, her want was to say thank you to him.  And her favorite way to do this awaited his permission only.  Patiently rubbing his thigh, she decided to be bold as she reached to the zipper of his pants and lowered it, figuring her punishment would be another spanking only if permission wasn’t granted.  But he said nothing, not giving her permission and not denying her.  Instead, he sat there and shifted his waist forward, allowing a smile to form on his face as her hand reached inside his opened zipper.  Pushing through the fly of his boxers, her fingertips found and wrapped themselves around his erection, ever-stiffening at her touch until it was rock hard.  Pulling it out, Emmie clenched her tiny hand around his girth, stroking him up and down with a tightness that made clear how it was always good to have a snack handy for his little girl.  And before he could say no, she spit on his tip to moisten the thank you that would be more than a mouthful to say ahead of plunging her mouth around his cock.

Emmie was right in not putting any lip stick on and as the red light turned green, Mack slammed on the gas at the same moment that she gave suction around him.  Her saliva swirled around his girth as did her tongue, circling him and pressing in on his underside vein.  She plunged his tip into the back of her throat and then withdrew his length, stroking him quickly as his stiffness emerged from lips.  Then she slowly slid him back into her mouth all the way to her throat, keeping that suction and tightness along the way.

She wanted it all – every single seed he was ready to offer her.  Being submissive she had learned to swallow her pride at times.  She had learned to swallow a lot of things:  wearing her heart on her sleeve – even when she didn’t have sleeves to hold her emotions, being overcome by him and his effect on her and helplessly allowing vulnerability to become her way of life as opposed to a fleeting thought in mind never realized.  Most every dream could not only be realized but made even better.  All she had to do was not wear the pants.

But as he pulled up to the final red light on mall road, she would learn the answer to that question she thought of back in the bathroom at home.  And without a pulse of warning, he erupted inside her mouth, grabbing the back of her hair to redirect her pace to slow down as she took all of his seeds and swallowed them with a hum to her voice that planted vibrations up and down his length. 

A split second before the red light turned green, he clenched the hair at the back of her head into his fist and yanked her head back.  Her mouth slid off his cock and she opened her eyes to see two guys in the car next to them who had been watching her head bobbing up and down.  His seeds shot up, covering her chin as she smiled and winked at the guys before Mack turned right into the mall parking lot.

Mack found a parking space as she sucked him dry the rest of the way, cleaned him with her tongue and then stored him away for later.  Sitting up, she cleaned her face and reapplied the make-up that would make his side look good when he wore her on his arm.

And as they crossed that mall parking lot, she perfected her waddle and found how to shift her hips to lessen her crinkle, but smiled brightly at the answer she sought all along.  There were many things she could’ve worn with that little white babydoll dress, but the only thing missing from her outfit was a set of footprints to walk in – right alongside his.  Waddling in through the entrance, she realized that it was Mack who made her look good.  A lot of girls could doll themselves up, but she had discovered something that applied just as easily as touch-up make-up … her place by his side.

And if the shoe fit, she was going to wear it.

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