To Sleep Perchance to Dream – (Part Two of Four)

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Part Two of Four

Here’s Part One.

Neph opened the window and turned back to her and extended his hand to her again. “I am here to help you find your dreams … if you want to find them and all the answers to the questions in your heart which they hold, take my hand and follow me.”

Lucy looked at herself in the mirror and then back to him, taking his hand in hers.

And away they went …


Part Two:

More exactly, out the window they went and Lucy blinked her eyes.  Her apartment now had an actual backyard, no longer the busied night time of the Charm City.  She was beginning to believe that her inability to dream had all ready been cured.

The dropped down onto the wet night time grass and sprinted towards the trees at the end of the yard.  They must’ve run for quite a ways into the woods, but it all seemed like a flash of time.

And suddenly, they appeared in another clearing in the middle of woods.

“This isn’t the Smurf’s village, is it?” Lucy asked, looking around.

“No,” Neph said with a laugh.  “It’s the CountrySide and believe it or not, you created this place with your imagination.”

“I did?” Lucy asked, looking up at the treetop schoolhouse and the other nearby buildings.

“I suppose it would be fair to say that you inherited this imagination from your mother,” Neph replied, seeing the other dream elves running over to them.

“Now I’m starting to get confused,” Lucy said, rubbing her forehead.

“You’ll learn along the way.  Come on,” Neph said, taking her hand and leading towards the others.  

They came face to face with the others and everyone seemed stunned she was there.

“Hello?” Lucy said to them, thinking it rude that no one had said anything to her yet.

“Oh … sorry.  It’s just that you are only the second human we’ve ever seen in the CountrySide,” one of the dream elf girls said.

Lucy looked at Neph, eyeing him with the obvious question without having to ask it.

“Yes,” Neph replied.  “Your mother was the first.”

“Her mother?” the dream elf girl asked Neph.  “You mean she’s Zeke and Lily’s daughter?”

Everyone eye’s grew wide, followed by a barrage of questions, none of which Lucy could make out.

“Why aren’t you wearing a diaper?” the elf girl asked with seriousness to her voice which Lucy found shocking. 

 “A diaper?” Lucy asked back in disbelief at the question.  “Because I’m not a baby anymore.”

Everyone got quiet, then began asking questions at rapid fire rate.

“All right, everyone. All right,” Neph announced to all.  “That’s enough.”

Just then, a dream elf girl with red braided hair broke through the crowd and jumped into Neph’s arms.  He twirled her around.

“Lucy, this is Aria,” Neph said, introducing them.

“So you are Zeke’s daughter,” Aria said.

“Since the day I was born,” Lucy said, matter-of-factly, as she began to question to herself why Neph brought her here.

“Gang way! Gang way! Scoot! Scoot!  Scoot!” a short elf said, pushing through the crowd before turning to them.  “Go back to yer own business now.”

The crowd dispersed as the elf turned to Lucy.

“LucyGirl!  I can’t tell ye how long I hev waited to meet ye,” the elf said.

“Lucy, I leave you in the capable hands of my Uncle,” Neph said, offering Lucy a hug.  “But I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Neph and Aria walked off.

His Uncle?  Lucy’s mind put together the bits of information she had collected since Neph appeared.  Neph said his Uncle was …

“Mr. Woody!” Lucy exclaimed to the elf.  “You’re Mr. Woody?”

“Since de day dat I was born … in yer mother’s imagination,” Mr. Woody responded.

She looked at him for a moment, remembering the pictures of him she had seen in her mother’s diary years ago.  He had gray hair now and a few more wrinkles that the image her mother had drawn.

“I’ve never met you before, but I feel like I have,” Lucy said with confusion.

“We did meet,” Mr. Woody said with the warmness of memories.  “I met ye several times when ye were wee little.  Through de course of yer mother’s dreams, Lucy Girl.  I watched ye grow into de young lady ye hev become.”

“I used to think my mother crazy,” Lucy said sorrowfully.  “But now I know I’m just as crazy as her.”

 “Yer not crazy,” Mr. Woody said.  “Ye hev de purity as yer Mother did.  It’s a gift.”

Lucy lowered her chin.

“Yer mother isn’t crazy either … a little extra emotional perheps,” Mr. Woody said.  “Come walk with me and tell me what yer mother said of this place.”

“She said it was a place of total mystery she found one night in her dreams,” Lucy recalled as they made their way to the center of the clearing and out to the edge of a lake.

She stopped dead in her tracks, looking at the moon’s reflection in the lake’s waters.

“Mom spoke of a lake that had a silvery shine at night time,” Lucy said, while kneeling by the water’s edge.  “She told me she swam in that lake and found an oyster in a pearl at the bottom of it.”

“She swam in dis lake, she did,” Mr. Woody said.  “And she found dat pearl oyster in de bottom of it.  Only a soul as pure as can be could do it.”

“Mom also spoke of two unicorns that ran the hills of the CountrySide,” she said as Mr. Woody stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Two unicorns appeared on the horizon across the lake and up the hill.

“A girl unicorn named Moonbeam,” Lucy said as the one unicorn began trotting down the hill and towards them.  “And a boy unicorn named Magic.”

The other unicorn followed down in the same manner.  Both unicorns trotted up alongside them.  They were beautiful with white hair and long white manes.

Lucy smiled and with the innocence of a little girl, reached up and touched the nose of the girl unicorn which neighed at her fingertips.

“Tell me what yer feelin’ inside, LucyGirl,” Mr. Woody said, seeing that virtuous sparkle in her eyes, the same one he had seen so many times in her mother’s eyes.

“I wanna ride them,” Lucy said with excitement.  “Just like Mom said she did.”

“Den ride ‘em you shall,” Mr. Woody said, helping her up onto Moonbeam’s back as he then climbed up onto Magic’s back. 

 “I always thought Mom had the most creative imagination, but it was all real?” Lucy asked.

“In her dreams, it was,” Mr. Woody said, sweetly.  “And her dreams are yers for de taking, but first we must discover why ye can’t dream.  Ye hev a dream elf waiting fer ye on de other side of yer mind.”

“Who is it?” she asked.

“I can’t tell ye, LucyGirl,” Mr. Woody explained. “But ye’ll learn who on the way.  Fer now, grip their manes and hold on tight.”

The unicorns took off with a burst of speed that made the trees a blur to Lucy’s eyes.  They shot across the fields to the pathways of the woods.  Wind rushed through Lucy’s hair as she took in the sight of all the wonders which the CountrySide possessed, from the cavern of dreams to the waterfall, back through the woods and to the lake again. 

Lucy squealed with delight as she hopped off Moonbeam’s back and spun in circles by the lake’s edge before collapsing onto her back and finally getting a chance to catch her breath.  She looked up at the starry sky, filled with a joy she hadn’t felt in a while.

“Tell me what yer feelin’ inside now, LucyGirl,” Mr. Woody said, lying down on the grass and joining her for some stargazing.

“I feel … little once again,” Lily said softly.  “I remember the decal stars that Dad put up on my nursery ceiling for me.  So his precious little daughter could be among the stars, he used to say.”

Mr. Woody folded his hands across his chest and buttoned his lips shut, knowing that Lucy’s childhood bedroom was once her mother’s nursery.  He looked over at the letters BG on the front of her cheerleader sweater, realizing she didn’t yet understand the littleness she possessed inside herself.

“I’m very excited for ye, LucyGirl,” Mr. Woody said.  “Ye are at de very beginning of a lifetime of happiness, just like yer mother was.  And as ye discover yer place in yer world, I want ye te remember dis world yer in right now.”

“You mean the CountrySide?” Lucy asked, sitting up.

“No,” Mr. Woody replied, sitting up as well.  “Dis point in yer life when ye didn’t know what de path was that ye should follow.  In yer future, ye will be able to pass along what is in yer heart te another…just as yer mother has done fer ye.” 

“I don’t understand,” Lucy said.

“Yer not supposed te yet,” Mr. Woody replied.  “One step at a time, LucyGirl.  One step at a time.”

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