Penny’s Christmas Passion: “The Lights and The Gimme, Gimme Hands”

Penny 2 - Pajama - Part 2Taken from:

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume 6 – 10: 
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here’s a snippet:


It was Friday night and there was a little over a week to go until Christmas.  This was actually a good thing for Penny in many way.  She didn’t want this Holiday Season to come to an end.  It had been one she would remember as fondly as the Christmas when she was two years.  That was her first Yuletide memory.

She smiled, glowingly behind her pacifier, recalling how during that Christmas, at the age of two, she had a pacifier in her mouth, her hair was in pigtails, she wore a diaper and the people she loved the most called her BabyGirl.  It was a sweet thought which filled her with sense of little when she realized that’s exactly how she looked right now and Elliot called her BabyGirl.

Perhaps it should’ve seemed strange that in the two decades plus between those Christmas, she hadn’t once forgotten the joys of being a BabyGirl and she hardly moved forward in life at all.

In some of her sillier thoughts, she often reminded herself of what she called The Facts of Her Life.  And it was Penny’s Belief that:

“I am a BabyGirl for Life.  I was born that way and I’ve always felt that way.  I need a pacifier, a diaper and a Daddy now, just as much today as the day I was born.”

Being Elliot’s BabyGirl was never about age play.  It was always about the truth of who she was.  It wasn’t an act.  It wasn’t play.  It was real for her.  And when she met him a few months ago, she realized she had met someone whom it was real for, as well.

And that’s why they connected as a Daddy and BabyGirl.  It felt very natural to call him Daddy because that is exact who he was to her.


She sat Indian-Leg style in the front passenger’s seat of his car.  Oh yes, they were headed to yet another adventure.  She was beginning to lose track of all the adventures they had gone on in a short amount of time.  But she didn’t need to keep tally of them anymore.  She had a Book of Dreams which not only helped her keep count, but also held the drawings from those adventures.  And no matter where she went, that Book of Dreams accompanied her.

Whether it was a Halloween Party, a football game in Chicago, an aquarium and shopping trip to Baltimore, buying 26 different stuffed animals in one shopping trip, a drive-in movie night, some sight-seeing in D.C., a Christmas Tree purchase with some “grand” sentiments, or a snowman and some snow angels which made clear something she had believed for a while – she had the memories at her fingertips and in the forefront of her thoughts.

On that night, they were headed to CandyLane, a Christmas lights activity in a park nearby the outskirts of Baltimore and a few miles from Elliot’s house.  For the festiveness of the occasion, Penny wore her dark green footed pajamas.  It seemed appropriate for the adventure at hand.

But nursing on her matching green pacifier, she zipped up her white puffy white coat and slipped the knitted monkey cap over her head and ears as they approached the entrance to the park.

She smiled fondly and proudly at how she had driven herself up to his house, a three hour trip.  It was a brave feat to undertake.  She wasn’t usually that confident, but she did it and was mighty proud of herself.

They got out of the car and joined hands walking towards the glow of lights they could see in the trees of the park in front of them.  CandyLane was their destination, straight ahead.  That was the current adventure and the one which would fill the next page in Penny’s Book.

Elliot was proud of her, too.  And he not only gave her praise for having made the trip up to him, but also for diapering herself.  He smothered her with attention arrived and took a moment to straighten her diaper as she had put it on herself in a manner just crooked enough to make her waddle seem strange.

But she got all the buttons lined up correctly on her footed pajamas and she was in a really little state of mind all ready.

The entrance to CandyLane passed under a canopy of string lights.  Penny stuffed her hands inside her coats and strolled along slowly looking up at the arrays of colors above her.

“BabyGirl,” she heard Elliot say behind her.

She smiled behind pacifier, turning back to him and immediately assuming the pose for the camera picture he wanted to take.  It was kind of fun that, for once, she actually knew what he was about do before he did.  Elliot, for whatever reason, had the ability to know and act accordingly to her needs before she actually needed anything.  It always marveled her that he somehow “knew” before she did.

It felt good, for once, to know that she was able to have that same foresight.

They strolled along, hand-in-hand, taking in the sight of illuminated reindeer, trees that were wound with brilliant colors – from deep purples to bright whites to soft pinks, animated elves fast at work on Christmas toys and other things.

And all the colorful lights kept her attention, even through Elliot checking her diaper.  She told him that she just had an itch on her tushy and that was why she waddled funny, but he still needed to check to make certain.

But on the cool breeze of the night came a wonderful scent.  It was so familiar and so enticing.  What could it have been?  And where was it coming from?

She sniffed the air and began making a path in the direction where the aroma got stronger.  Now, suddenly the pretty lights seemed like a distraction.  She nursed her pacifier, slowly and with rhythm to her fast-paced footsteps as she hunted for the source of this amazing smell.

She looked ahead and saw a crowd of people walking away from a table.  Her eyes grew big and wide.  Her hands shot straight out in front of her in almost gimme, gimme fashion as she bolted for the table with a diapered waddling sprint that belonged on YouTube.

And just as she reached the table, Elliot caught up to her and scooped her up by the waist from behind.

“Two … with extra marshmallows,” Elliot said to the sweet old lady behind the table who was dressed like an elf.

Elliot handed her the money as Penny wrapped herself around him, legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

Oh, how she loved her hot cocoa … almost as much as she loved him.

“Come on, BabyGirl,” Elliot said.  “I think there’s an old guy with a white beard somewhere in this park who’s been waiting to see you all year.”

Penny nodded and reached for the two cups of cocoa. He took the pacifier out of her mouth with his pinky as she began drinking the from first cup.

“And I’m not talking about my grandfather, either,” Elliot said as she snorted the hot cocoa back out at his joke, covering his face in chocolate.

He carried her into the park as her laughter had brought tears to her eyes and she could hardly make a noise at how silly his chocolate face looked.  Trying to recover from laughing, she did her best to wipe his cheeks clean.

“I am so glad you decided to share the cocoa with Daddy,” Elliot said in a jocular tone.

This only produced more laughter out of her.  Oh my, what a pair they were.

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume 6 – 10: 
KindleNook PDF EbookSmashwords  –  Kobo


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