Penny’s Snowman: “Angels and the Signs of Love”

Penny 2 - Pajama - Part 2Taken from:

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume 6 – 10: 
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here is the preview: “Angels and the Signs of Love”


Part One:

It was Saturday morning and only one word was needed to describe the current state of this weekend …


From the Heavens, floating down and coating the Earth with a blanket of whiteness which brought about the joyfulness of so many hearts, Big and little.

And Penny happened to be one of those little hearts with delight for the snowfall overnight. There was so much fun to be had outside. The roads were covered and there would be no traveling today, at least not until much later.

And what this meant was – she and Elliot, her beloved Daddy, had a day free from all possible interruptions.

Christmas Eve was two weeks from today. And it seemed this Holiday Season was fast-becoming the one which would make the fondest memories for her. Elliot had brought a happiness into her life she never knew before. She was in love and for the first time, could see a possible pathway to her future. And each day left a bit of mystery of the joys to come.

On this day, however, those joys were very clear and they all came from …


Penny sat Indian-leg style on the living room rug, leaning up against the front of the couch. Across her lap was the pink Princess TV tray she found at a yard sale in the spring. When she bought it, she said it was for her niece, but the lady who sold it to her had a smile that told she knew otherwise and along with the statement: “Everything I’ve sold today has been for someone’s niece”, Penny knew she had been caught. It was a fun moment and she enjoyed having to admit that the tray was for her.

On this day, Penny the Pajama BabyGirl wasn’t wearing footed pajamas. She woke up in footed pajamas, but presently she wore a pink baby-t, a bib and a diaper.

Sitting on the tray across her lap was breakfast. She scooped in the scrambled eggs with her fingers as she thought about the fun in the snow to come. A small bowl of Franken Berry Cereal sat next to her plate, more breakfast time finger food, but it was the best kind of all because it had sugar in it. Her sippy cup had orange juice in it and the wheat toast with grape jam and butter was making her mouth and cheeks a mess with each bite.

After breakfast, she would be going outside into the snow to play, but as Elliot made clear, she would only get to go out in the snow if she ate all of her breakfast and behaved herself while doing so.

Though Saturday Morning cartoons were on the television and Elliot kept walking into the living room and back out in the midst of another task, Penny wasn’t distracted from her mind’s reflections on how she woke up earlier that morning:

Penny was drenched and sweating a bit when she startled awake. Elliot was unzipping her pajamas in an attempt to cool her body off. She felt like she had a temperature and he worried she had gotten sick again. When he sat her up, that’s when he discovered her back was sweated and her pajamas were soaked.

He peeled the pajamas off her and tossed them to the floor, placing his hand on her forehead to feel what seemed like a temperature coming from her skin. Penny felt fine and watched him silently as he unfastened her diaper, but he didn’t have the fun-loving Daddy animation that usually accompanied her changes. Instead, he had a look of concern which confused her. Still, she quietly nursed her pacifier as he removed her wet diaper and lifted her legs and bottom into the air, taking a wipe to her skin.

She really felt fine and at that moment, probably couldn’t have been happier. What better way to wake up than to be “babied”? Yet, he had a concern which she didn’t oppose. Daddy knew best, always. And because of this she simply submitted to his worried care of her. Seeing him that concerned actually made her feel even better yet.

He disappeared from the bedroom and was back just as quickly with a thermometer. She smiled slightly behind her pacifier, knowing what was to happen next.

He sat on the bed and scooped her up into arms. She relaxed into the cradle of his lap and also relaxed her muscles as he gently slid the thermometer into her bottom.

It may have seemed a bit awkward to her otherwise and she certainly wasn’t happy to give temperature like this when she was actually sick a few weeks ago, but for that moment, when naked in her Daddy’s arms, she would’ve done anything he told her to.

She looked up at him and reached up to trace the bridge of his nose with her finger. She was so happy to have him in her life she would’ve been contented to remain just as she was for the rest of her life … without the thermometer, of course.

The beep sounded and Elliot shook the thermometer for a moment, allowing it display its reading. She looked up at him still, nursing her pacifier, but with a constantly changing train of thoughts. She worried about why he hadn’t said anything about the cancer her grandmother passed away from – the same cancer her mother was getting treated for.

Maybe he didn’t know what to say. Maybe he wasn’t happy about it and didn’t want to upset her by saying something. Maybe he was waiting until the right moment to tell her how he felt about it. Maybe he was making sure she was in the right state of mind before he dropped the bombshell she feared the most.

Her temperature was fine. She just got warm. Still, he was cautious of letting her go outside if she wasn’t feeling well. Any Daddy would’ve been apprehensive if his little girl wasn’t feeling her best. And it truly did make her feel good, knowing that he cared that much about her health to be concerned. It was an especially good feeling to have since she basically spelled out to him what the secret was about herself which she hadn’t revealed.

As she ate her breakfast, she was entertained by watching him lug out all the possible snow gear he could dress her in. The look on his face was so adorable. He was so worried that she was getting sick, but he was too nice to tell her she couldn’t go out and play in the snow.

By the looks of the pile of snow gear on the living room floor, it looked like she would be protected from the next ice age, should it miraculously appear in the next few minutes.

Elliot was digging every bit of cold weather clothing he could find out of the back of her closet, and as the pile grew, she wondered if he intended to dress her in all of it. He knelt by the pile and picked out the scarf, the gloves, the knit cap, the snow suit (which resembled pajamas, ironically), a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, stretch pants, jogging pants, boots and socks, lying it all out in the order which made sense to put it on in.

She picked up her sippy cup of orange juice and swigged it down, still enjoying the show as much as when it started.

Elliot walked over to her and knelt next to her. She handed him the now-empty sippy cup and let out a little girl burp. He smiled warmly, looking at her breakfast tray and kissed her forehead for having finished all the food.

Feeling her forehead for a moment to make certain, he picked up the napkin she hadn’t used, licked the tip of it with his tongue to moisten it and began cleaning the jam off her face.

She looked up at him the whole time he cleaned her up, giving him the puppy dog eyes which she hoped would ensure his answer of Yes for the Snow Fun awaiting her outside.

He smiled at her again, setting the tray aside and looking at the clothing he had laid out on the rug, before turning back to her, and putting his hand under her chin, making eye contact.

“Before we begin,” Elliot started in a serious, yet loving tone. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?”


Part Two:

“Before we begin,” Elliot started in a serious, yet loving tone. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?”

She shook her head no while getting up on her knees and excitedly crawling over to the socks.  She sat down and grabbed one of the socks, sticking her right foot into it and getting the material twisted at the ankle.  This was not getting her outside any quicker.

She scrunched up her face and pulled as hard as she could on the sock, sticking her right leg straight out and causing herself to fall flat on her back.

“Okay, let’s try this a different way,” Elliot said, seeing her heart was all ready outside.

He took the sock off her right foot and gathered the material up with his hands.  Penny kept her right leg sticking straight up.  He then slid the scrunched up sock onto her foot and stretched it out all the way up her calf.

He did this with the left foot as well and then she jumped up, running to the front door.

“PJ?” he said as she popped her head back into the living room.  “I think you’re going to need a little more clothing than just socks and a t-shirt.”

She nodded, running back over to the pile of clothing, picking up the knit cap, putting it on her head and then running to the front door again.

“Penny?” Elliot said with a laugh.

She popped her head back into the living room again, this time tilting it to the side while trying to figure out what the hold-up was now.

“You’re gonna need more than that,” he said, picking up the long sleeve shirt and gathering up the material the same as he did with the socks.

She walked back over to him and lifted her hands to the sky, not waiting for him to say Arms, Up!  He slid the shirt down her arms and head, bringing it down into place and then turned to pick up the sweatshirt.

Once again, she crinkled her sprint to the front door, this time getting the door open before Elliot called to her.

“Penelope Jordan,” he called, maintaining his cool.

Penny jumped up and down in frustration before walking back over to him and lifting her hands to the sky so he could put the sweatshirt on her.

“Now, lie down,” he said, pointing to the floor.

She lowered her chin, more to hide her frown than because of being scolded, and then lied down on her back, parting her legs and lifting them straight up as she saw him picking up the jogging pants.

“Before we go any further, are you certain you don’t need to go to the bathroom?” he asked, patting her diapered bottom.

She shook her head no.

“Are you absolutely sure?” he asked, sliding his finger inside the elastic legging of her diaper.

She nodded her head yes very slowly, believing he was having trouble understanding her.

He slid the legs of the jogging pants onto her feet and down to her waist, followed by the legs of the snowsuit.  She sat up and picked up the gloves, putting them on her hands as he put her feet into the boots.

Unable to control her excitement anymore, she got up on her hands and knees and began crawling towards the front door.  He grabbed the scarf and semi-tackled her, fighting with her arms to get them into the snow suit as she made it to the kitchen floor.

She stood up and he followed, getting the scarf around her neck and the front of the suit zipped up as she dashed to the front door, opening it and the screen door.

But then she paused, looking back at him, extending her left hand to him and doing her gimme, gimme finger roll inside her mitt.  She wanted him to come outside with her.

“You little angel, you,” Elliot said with a smile.

He stood to his feet, picked up his coat off the back of one of the kitchen chairs, took her hand and joined her outside.

Task number one?  A snowman.  Penny wanted to build a snowman taller than she was.  So they both knelt down and pushed together a pile of snow between them, packing it down and working it into a ball which Elliot began rolling.

The ball of snow got bigger … and bigger … and bigger and then Penny got behind the ball of snow, helping him roll it.  She put her hands on the side of it and pushed it instead of rolling it.  When she did this, her mitts sunk into the snowball a bit and as it continued to roll, it lifted her off her feet.

She wound up sprawled out on top of the ball, laughing so hard at herself that her pacifier fell from her mouth into the snow.  Elliot freed her hands and then helped her down of the snowball.

“I think this is a good place to put the snowman,” he said.  “Is it big enough?”

Penny walked around the first snowball, sizing its height up to her waist and she folded her arms and tapped her chin with her pointer finger as she decided.

“Yeah,” she said quickly and in a chipper tone.

So they began rolling the second snowball and Penny made certain to roll this one instead of pushing it. 

It didn’t take nearly as long to roll, being the middle part of the snowman’s body and before long it was rolled and placed up on top of the big snowball. 

Penny stood next to the two snowballs and seeing that the snowman’s height reached the top of her head, was satisfied thus far.

So it was onto the third and final snowball, a much easier task as it would become the snow man’s head.  They rolled this last snowball quickly and Elliot placed on top.

“Okay,” Penny said, determined.  “We need two arms, two eyes a nose and a mouth.  Daddy you get the eyes and the mouth and I’ll get the arms and the nose.”

“Gotcha,” Elliot said, playing along with her seriousness. 

Penny ran to the tree at the edge of the walk, breaking off two of the branches that she hadn’t seen any leaves on at all this year.  She ran back to the snowman and plunged the two sticks in the middle snowball.  Then, she started looking for a nose.

Hmm.  They didn’t bring a carrot outside with them and she didn’t have any carrots in her fridge anyway.  A carrot was a vegetable and she wouldn’t ever eat any vegetables if she wasn’t made to.

   Elliot returned from the driveway area, having uncovered and found two chunks of the driveway which served perfectly as big black eyes.  He also gathered smaller chunks of the driveway to make a snowman smile.

Penny was still looking for a nose for the snowman.  It wouldn’t look right to put more of the driveway on the snowman’s face. And everything else was covered with snow.  This became a perplexing situation because no snowman was complete without a proper nose which luckily in snowman terms, allowed for quite a bit of creative expression.

She folded her arms and scrunched up her face, making circles around the snowman as she thought.  Then she stopped when she stepped on something in the snow.  Lifting her foot, she saw the pacifier that had fallen from her mouth.

She smiled with delight as she picked up the pacifier, skipped around to the front of the snow man and plunged it into the nose spot on its face.  She stepped back a few feet and leaned back against Elliot’s chest, folding her arms and grinning proudly.

Elliot looked at the snowman in front of them who now had a pacifier for a nose.  He nodded his head in agreement and bit his bottom lip, suppressing laughter.  Penny looked up at him and broke out into laughter first.

“Close enough,” he said with laughter.  “BabyGirl, you are an angel for certain.”

“Angels!” Penny suddenly exclaimed.  “Daddy let’s make snow angels!”

She grabbed his hand and ran over to a fresh patch of snow directly in front of the apartment.  She lied down in the snow and Elliot did the same next to her.  They joined the hands between.

“One … Two …,” he counted as both prepared to move their arms and legs.  “… Three!”

They made the motions to create the snow angels for a few seconds and then both came to rest on the snow when they were done.

“Daddy?” she asked with question in her tone.

“Yes?” he asked back.

“How do people get up without messing up the snow angels?” she asked.

“You know … I never really thought about that until just now.  My guess would be: very carefully,” he said, sitting up.  “Let me try to get up.”

He drew his knees up in the sitting position and struggled, but found a way to stand up and step out of his snow angel without disrupting it.

“I’m wearing too much padding to be able to bend like that,” Penny remarked, making reference to her diaper and her puffy snow-suited body.

“Okay, let me see if we can get you up together,” he said, placing one foot on either side of her snow angel, joining hands with her and helping her to her feet without messing up her snow angel, either.

But as he stood her to her feet, he fell backwards and she fell on top of him, beginning to laugh.  She sat up on his tummy, straddling him with her legs.

“Is something funny, BabyGirl?” he asked jokingly as he began tickling her sides.

She squealed with laughter and tried to get away, but he held her there and tickled her into near hysterics for a little while before stopping.

Her laughter subsided as she lied down on his tummy, touching is nose and mitts with her mitted hand.

“Daddy, I have to tell you something,” she whispered.

“What do you have to tell me?” he asked back in a whisper, leaning his ear towards her. 

“I tinkled,” she whispered softly before returning to hysterical laughter.

 “Well … if that ain’t a sign of love, baby, then I don’t know what is,” he said as they both paused and then laughed.

They got quiet and exchange a few seconds of eye gazing.

“I love you, Penelope,” he whispered to her.

“I love you, Elliot,” she whispered back before sneezing on him.

She sat up and quickly covered her nose, knowing she needed to blow it at this point.

“Sorry, Daddy,” she mumbled behind her mitt.

“It’s okay, BabyGirl,” he said, sitting up, lowering her hand, taking a tissue from his pocket and holding it to her nose. “Blow.”

And she did, blowing into the tissue hard and straining to make it happen.

 “That’s a good girl,” he said, kissing her forehead.  “I think we’d better go back inside before we get sick, sitting on this cold ground.”

“Yeah,” she agreed with a quick tone.

They walked up onto porch in front of her apartment.  She stood at the railing of front porch and looked out at the snow angels. 

He walked up behind her and they both took a second to look at the snow angels together.

“They look like they’re in love,” he said.

“That’s another sign right there,” she whispered to herself.

“Huh?” he asked, not hearing what she said.

“Do you believe in angels, Daddy?” she asked quickly to avoid repeating herself to him.

“I think everyone should believe in angels,” he answered.

“Why?” she asked as the turned and headed inside.

He paused and looked back at the snow angels once more before turning to her again and whispering the answer in her ear.

“I never thought of it like that, Daddy,” she said as they went inside.  “But I love you even more for having said it.”

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume 6 – 10: 
KindleNook PDF EbookSmashwords  –  Kobo


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