Castles and Fortunes

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volumes 1 – 5
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It was Friday night and another happy weekend was underway because Elliot was down to visit. Penny looked forward to the weekends anyway, but now she counted the fractions of each second of each minute until Friday night arrived and his car pulled into the driveway. She had gone from falling in love with him to falling in love with the mere thought of him.

And it was the greatest motivation she had ever known to get through the week until she next saw him. It was fast becoming the constant thought of her waking mind to reach out for the goal of being with him all the time. It felt so right and seemed so tangible, but she always cautioned her thoughts to not skip over the steps they were making now and to not forget that the path to a happy future went directly through enjoying the memories of the present and the moment.

And at this present moment, they were headed down the road for an evening she would certainly be adding to her fondest Daddy memories.

First came a stop at the gas station and as they filled up, she waved to him through the front window which he was squeegee-ing clean, a rather important detail that a lot would probably forget to do for where they were headed.

This autumn had been filled with so many happy memories all ready that she was delighting in the fact that she was having trouble remembering them all. The Holidays would begin next week with Thanksgiving. Many more memories were in store and she thought perhaps it would make sense to start writing them all down – so as to keep the details from slipping away.

She flipped the visor down on the passenger’s side and opened the vanity mirror, checking to make certain her pigtails were even and straight. She trusted him to put them up right, but it never hurt to check for herself. From the mirror’s showings, she could see the mound of things in the backseat they had brought with them for this trip. She got up on her knees and leaned over the front seat to look back at it all. How much fun this would be!!

Elliot got back in the car and playfully smacked her diapered bottom, producing that thud noise which reminded Penny of how broad her waddle would be. She was diapered to make it through quite a few hours of wetting without being changed, should needs be. But she had all read begun addressing that.

She sat back in the passenger’s seat properly, sitting Indian-Leg style as she smiled coyly behind her pacifier, enjoying the relief that came when she wet herself. And sitting next to her Daddy while doing this, she felt as little as could be. She lowered her chin as she tinkled herself into a little girl giddiness, looking down at the footed pajamas he had dressed her in.

The chill of November had arrived and seemed here to stay. The thick white pajamas she had on were perfect for keeping her warm through the cold weather season. And these particular pajamas were way too much fun to not wear.

They were made of cotton so soft that she often rubbed her hand across the material of the legs, feeling the delightful softness on her palm but also on the tender skin of her inner thighs. And they were fun PJs, too! They were the kind that you buttoned, from each ankle up the legs and then up her front to her collar.

And on each button was a different Disney character. From Mickey Mouse to Pluto to Donald Duck, all the classics were there. The only thing that would’ve made them even more fun would’ve been a drop seat in the back, but there was a saying written in light blue lettering that went across her tushy.

It read: “Dreams Come True”. – Rather appropriate for the way things were headed between she and Elliot.

“Okey Dokey,” he said suddenly, pulling out of the gas station and heading onward.  “Hop up on your knees there and let’s take inventory that we have everything we’re gonna need.”

She got up on her knees again and leaned over the front seat, eyeing up what was in the back and ready to confirm his checklist.

“Do we have … foam cushions from the couch?” he asked in a playful, upbeat tone as she nodded yes enthusiastically while nursing her pacifier.  “Very good.  Do we have … blankets?”

She nodded yes again, reaching back and tossing the blankets to the side so she could see what was underneath them.

“Pillows?” he asked as she nodded yes, pointing to them.  “A husband pillow?”

She nodded again, pointing to the pillows and pointing to him.

“You are too sweet,” he said, taking her pointing finger and kissing it before changing the subject back to the inventory.

If she only knew how long he had been carrying the engagement ring around in his pocket.

“How about … a diaper bag?” he asked in his Daddy voice as he patted her diapered bottom.  “And do we need to change you before long?”

She pointed to the diaper bag and nodded yes.  Then she pointed to her diapered bottom and shook her head no.

“Okay,” he said, believing her.  “But Daddy will be checking before too much longer.”

She returned to her sitting position before he had the chance to reach inside her pajamas to check her.  If he had, he would’ve discovered that she was wet and would’ve changed her before she had the opportunity to enjoy the littleness that came with the feeling of needing to be changed, a sentiment that was hard for any little girl to explain to her Daddy.

Perhaps it was best that way.  It could remain a game of sorts where she tried to convince him she didn’t need changed, but in the end still enjoyed the security of knowing it was on his mind to keep her rash-free.

Suddenly, he flipped on the right turning signal and joined the line of cars and trucks to the side, all heading to the same place they were.

And there it was in front of them!  They had arrived!  Her excitement all but exploded out of her as she began bouncing up and down while clapping her hands.  Normally, he would’ve buckled her into her seatbelt to keep her still, should they be traveling down the road, but instead he let her be giddy about it.

He could hardly blame her for being happy about the little things in life.  And what’s more, her reactions served as proof that castles and fortunes would always take a second place to the gifts which came from the heart.

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volumes 1 – 5
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwords –  Kobo


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