The Daddy Endearment: Penny to Elliot

Her name is Penny Jordan and she is one mighty rambunctious BabyGirl. She can be a handful … and a half! But the need to let her littleness out has been a lifelong wish which, at last, has come true.

His name is Elliot and through a chance meeting in a beach town get-together in last summer, he met Penny and they fell in love.

Before that first weekend was over, Penny spoke directly from her heart, throwing caution to the wind and embracing the possibility that she may have just stumbled across the Daddy she had always been looking for.

She was right and that first weekend led to an autumn to remember where his visits made for adventure after adventure – all of which she enjoyed while wearing her footed pajamas.

And every step of every waddle along the way was her Daddy, Elliot.

Elliot might well be the most patient and most playful of Daddies in the world, making changes in his life and with his work schedule when he can to be able to spend time with her and take care of her. He’s not a super-energetic daddy, just simply one who knows how to pace himself. If he didn’t pace himself, Penny’s energy would have him zonked before lunch.

But when he is with her, he never tires of guiding her through the little emotions and the mindset of innocence and fun which makes Penny the Pajama BabyGirl and which endears her to his heart.

Penny and Elliot

The Daddy Endearments

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