Déjà Vu – The Preview Snippets

Daisy Jane Vanderbilt 01Taken from: Déjà Vu

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1st Preview Snippet

She took a moment to breathe slowly, desperately trying to control a heavily beating heart as she walked out onto the back deck.

And there he was, sitting at a small table at the far end of the deck.  At first sight of him, she tingled in her center.  He finished his beer and stood, slowly making his way over to her as she sprinted into his embrace and an open-mouthed kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off her feet.  She was so happy to see him and so overcome with emotion that she didn’t know what to do with herself.  Should she stop kissing him and say hello?  Should she calm herself and wait for him to say hello?  Should she hug him tighter and kiss him harder?

Her mind had turned to mush. She was just so happy to see him. The way he made her feel in the emails he sent and during their phone calls translated into real life

His hands and his arms were so strong.  The scent from his clothing and body was intoxicating.  He reached under her skirt and rubbed his hand across her bottom.  His touch was just as powerful as his influence over her thoughts.

She had already collapsed her will into his world when he tugged at the thong string parting her cheeks, creating a tightened encasement of the material covering her sweetness

The combination of the gentleness of the hug they were still in the middle of with the roughness of what he was doing under her skirt owned every piece of her heart from the get-go.

There was a breathless feel in her chest at this, the first physical sign of his dominance.   She was captivated by the look in his eyes, the power in his hands and the unyielding lust in his actions.

She wanted more.  She wanted it all.  She wanted it now and could tell that he did, too.  But as she would learn before long, everything that was worth having was worth waiting for first.

And it made her feel wonderful, knowing that it was she who caused this reaction in him.  It was she who he wanted with a passion so seething and fervent; it was evident in his touch.

He spun her around, pressing her back up against his chest as he backed up onto the deck railing.  He tossed her out of the way and kissed her neck.  She closed her eyes, shivering at the sensations traveling down her skin and breathing in rhythm with the rise and fall of his chest.

“Open your eyes, Daisy,” he whispered into her ear.


2nd Preview Snippet

From a distance, Links and Daisy looked like a pair of young lovers, holding each other and enjoying the simply bliss of each other’s company. But looks can be deceiving. There was nothing simple about the bliss they felt and no sentiment absent of arousal came from his whispers to her.

The confidence she kept in her gaze since she left her dorm room had finally broken as she experienced what submission felt like and what a loss of will power would force her to do.

“I want all of you, Daisy, but I don’t want you all at once,” Links whispered into her ear as his hand traveled under her skirt. “I want you a piece at a time and I want you to succumb to each … and every … desire I allow you to feel.”

She tightened her lips around smaller exhales as she tried to control her breathing through his temptations.

“You are submissive and will always be unsettled inside until you embrace that yearning fully,” he whispered, slowly and quietly while cupping her sweetness with his hand. “Everyone can see it about you. Even those drunken boys over there can see it. It’s obvious that what you need is really what you want. You crave it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Daisy whispered quietly.

“Do you fear that once you start to obey, you won’t be able to stop yourself?” he asked, digging his palm into her mound.

“Yes,” Daisy whimpered softly.

“Well you’re right,” Links whispered while biting her ear lobe. “Obedience is everlasting and you’ll never return from it. But you’ve always wanted it and you’ll never want to return from it. The thought of it makes you melt inside, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” she answered softly as she began to push her hips forward, forcing her mound against his palm.

She squeezed her sweetness and she stopped rocking into him as she winced at the pain.

“Yearning for your fantasies, for satisfaction while fingering yourself and dripping into your panties at the thought of it is all physical,” he said quickly. “But true obedience isn’t something you savor in the flesh only. It’s something you savor in your thoughts. Tell me a fantasy you have.”

She swallowed a lump in her throat, trying to find the strength to reveal the secrets she had always kept.

“I wanna be controlled,” she whispered.

Deja VuKindle or Kindle Unlimited 

Follow Daisy Jane Vanderbilt as she seeks the experience of total submission to Links, her Daddy and Dominant. He has opened doorways she never knew even existed and now she wants it all.

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