The Spaghetti Incident

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It had been a wonderful weekend so far. Just a pleasant, relaxing time at home. It was now Saturday evening, and I had just finished the dishes from supper. I walked over to the entry-way to the living room, and there on the rug was my precious AB Girl. At the moment, she was totally occupied with the coloring book and crayons in front of her.

Completely unaware I was watching her, she colored a little, but it was more like scribbling. She wasn’t “old enough” yet to learn to color between the lines. She didn’t have to worry about that right now anyway. It was fun to color, and her coloring book was none other than a collection of Disney® Princesses.

She lied on her tummy with her knees bent and her feet crossed, wearing nothing but a new diaper that I had just put on her a few minutes ago. She was fresh out of the bathtub.

She rolled from side-to-side, playfully, and then onto her back. We made eye contact, and I winked at her. A smile formed behind her pacifier, and lit up her face. She began laughing hysterically as her pacifier fell from her lips, but luckily, I had wised up a little. I had begun attaching every one of her pacifiers to a ribbon, and clipping that ribbon onto her shirt. That way she’d never lose it, and I’d be able to find it for her when she needed it next.

He laughter increased, and she covered her face with her hands. I began to chuckle, too. We were both recalling the events of an hour ago that turned out to be quite hilarious:

At about 5 o’clock, I started making supper. She wanted spaghetti. So that’s what we had. The noodles came to a boil and were ready. The spaghetti sauce was cooked and was now cooling down. (She doesn’t like the sauce to be very hot. She says it burns her mouth.)

All afternoon, I had been trying to get clothes on her, but she didn’t want any. Not even socks. Just her diaper. And that’s how she was when I lifted her up into my arms and carried her over to her high chair. Gently placing her in it, I fastened the table in front of her. I turned around to get her a plate of spaghetti and she began bouncing up and down in the high chair. Her feet didn’t touch the ground. So she just kicked them in the air. It was obvious that she was excited about the meal she was about to eat.

I placed the plate of spaghetti on the little tray in front of her. Her eyes grew big, and she plunged both her hands into the spaghetti. She began mixing the sauce and the noodles, and while she was distracted with that, I did manage to get a bib on her. I realized that it would make little difference by the end of this, but thought it might help.

For a short while, she was content with just mixing the contents of her plate with her hands. Occasionally, she would look up at me and smile, and then go right back to mixing her food. Finally she had it mixed exactly as she wanted it. The spaghetti sauce covered her hands and went halfway up her arms by this time. Her face was partially covered with the sauce to as she had taken a few licks of her fingers along the way. But she wasn’t done making a mess of herself yet. There was more to come.

She lifted up the first finger-full of spaghetti to her mouth and took the end of the noodles in her lips. Quickly, she drew the entire length of the noodles in her mouth. The sauce spattered all over her face, and now up into her hair! She chewed and swallowed. Then after a petite little burp, she giggled.

This was the scene until she cleaned her plate completely. And by the end of it all, she had spaghetti sauce all through her hair, all over her face, up and down both of her arms, on her chest, on the front of her diaper, and on her thighs. She was laughing uncontrollably as I took the tray off her high chair and placed it in the sink. When I removed the bib from around her neck, there was a neat little area that it covered which was clean.

“I’m glad I remembered to put your bib on you,” I said to her.

She smiled and laughed and threw her arms up in the air. “Bath time!” she exclaimed.

“You’d better believe it, BabyGirl,” I said as I lifted her into my arms, re-assuring that I would need a change of clothes.

Luckily, I had thought ahead and had drawn her bath water all ready. On the way back to the bathroom, I began undoing the tapes of her diaper. I walked into the bathroom, removed her diaper, and lowered her directly into the bathtub.

She was just as animated during her bath as when she ate. As bubbles and her bath toys floated all around her, she splashed her arms in and out of the water, enjoying every second of it.

And now, she lied on the rug of the living room, clean for the moment, and laughed her head off at how silly the whole ordeal was. She sat up and put her arms out while signaling me with her hands to pick her up. I knew where this was going right away.

This precious little AB Girl had spent the evening satisfying her infantile antics, but now she felt really “little” inside and wanted to be babied. I lifted her up, carried her over to the couch, scooped up her teddy bear and blanket off the couch, handed them to her, sat down, and cradled her in my arms and on my lap. Her thumb went into her mouth and her head rested sheepishly on my chest. I kissed her gently on the top of the head.

For a few minutes, I rocked her lightly in my arms. Then, she removed her thumb from her mouth, and looked up at me while smacking her lips. It was time for a bottle. I had one ready for her. Foreseeing what she would want next and preparing for it made all the difference in the world. I was developing a sixth sense.

She took the nipple into her mouth, closed her eyes, and would have drunk it empty, except she fell asleep in the middle. I removed the bottle from her lips and offered up her pacifier that she unconsciously took in its place.

And there she remained for the rest of the night, asleep in my arms, as innocent and as infantile as the day she was born.


This story appears in:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Short and Sweet Stories

A collection of scenarios and short stories about the fetish of infantilism. It’s not an educational read about infantilism, but rather a romantic fantasy about role playing.

The couples in these stories are heterosexual with the female being submissive. She assumes the role of a baby, and he pretends to be her “Daddy”.

The attraction is the feeling of vulnerability met with the “Daddy’s” nurturing care. She becomes so attached to him that a bond of emotions is formed and she is touched very deeply in her heart, mind and soul.

She dresses in clothing fitting to the age she role plays. This includes infantile behavior, diapers, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, toys, cribs, nurseries, high chairs and other things.

If you like role playing, erotic fantasy, infantilism, or adult fetishes, this book is a must read.

Stories about “The Daddy’s Girl” Dynamic, from a Daddy.

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The Rock-A-Bye Series


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