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Scorcher – Part One of Three

ScorcherTaken from the forthcoming:

One Hot Night
(The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)

here is a little story about how to survive a heat wave.


ScorcherPart One

11 pm

1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
2. a person or thing that one loves.

1. to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

Love swiped a towel across the fogged surface of the steamed bathroom mirror, her baby blue eyes quite lively for the hour of the night. Though a shower usually gave her a charge for a little while afterwards, enough for the end of day engagement that always put her on her back and made her arch up to him, on this night – one hot night, fresh-from-the-shower would provide her no relief from the heat. And maybe she really didn’t want any relief.

The worst heat wave of the year had sweltered temperatures up to 105 degrees outside for several days. There were no reports indicating any break from it at least until the coming the weekend. And it was only Wednesday night.

Patting the excess water out of her golden locks as best she could with a towel, she picked up the hair dryer to find it already plugged into the outlet above the bathroom sink. Sitting next to the hair dryer were two hair ties and her white pacifier. Love smiled as thoughts of her boyfriend flooded her senses and her mind. Picking up the pacifier, she lowered her chin – thinking back to that morning when she awoke next to him in bed. Smiling even more brightly as she slipped the rubber nipple between her lips and looked up at herself in the mirror, she began rocking back-n-forth to allow the water on her skin to dry on its own as she began to blow dry her hair.

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Getting to the Point – All Three Parts

Getting to the PointTaken from:

The ABDL MedFet Book 5

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here is a little story about getting to the point … and then getting beyond it.


Getting to the Point

Thursday Night
“Yes, Robert. I know your last name is Smith, just like the lead singer of The Cure,” Taylor said, picking up her drink and walking out of the kitchen. “You tell me this at least once a week.”

Looking over at Jessica, Taylor rolled her eyes as she walked away from the kitchen, into the living room.

Robert was one of those co-workers who had no social graces to his personality at all and he also had no hope of ever finding said-given graces. It just wasn’t in his genetic make-up. And whenever one of the co-workers threw a private party, they always felt obligated to invite him. Robert would attend the party, usually held in someone’s home, and get so drunk that all he could do was talk about himself.

“Congratulations, Taylor,” Roger the office flirt said, walking up to her and winking with that creepy look on his face that always made her skin crawl. “I hear you were the top salesman of the last quarter. Or I guess I should say you were the top saleswoman.”

“Thank you, Roger,” Taylor said, trying to get away from him, but giving up on her fast-pace steps when he started walking alongside her.

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Country Rose 2

Country Rose 2Rose and Emmitt have fully embraced their dynamic and there is no longer any “play” to their age play. It is now as natural to their relationship as breathing and fast heart beats. Taking a trip up to Boston to meet her relatives, Rose allows her over-active mind to blurt out the truth her over-active imagination has discovered. In short: Rose tells Emmitt that she wants him to help her find her limits and then to push her beyond them.

And thus begins a series of events, from humiliations in public that make her tingle in all the right places to so much more – starting in Boston and ending back home in Southern Pines, N.C. Rose learns the truth about his Big Hands. Emmitt learns the truth about her tears. They touch the sky in a hot-air balloon, avoid the horns at a rodeo, make videos at a baseball game, tempt fate at a gas station and prepare to lay roses in a garden.

Join Rose and Emmitt in this, the continuing story of a city girl from Beantown who moved down the east coast and became a Country Rose.

Riding on Wings
What They Can See
The Secret Binge

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Read more about Emmitt and Rose in book one:

Country Rose

Country RoseRose is a simple girl who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today. And along the journey, she had falls in love with a cowboy who could easily be the “Daddy” she had dreamed about.  Country Rose is a story of redemption, of renewal and of new beginnings. Join Rose and Emmitt as their saga begins.
The Great Unknown
“What She Set Her Mind to Do”
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The HodgePodge Series

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down   Deja Vu Lucy The ABDL Apartment BookThe ABDL Apartment Book 2 BabyLove Country Rose Country Rose 2 Climax
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
That’s When I Knew …
Late Friday Evening … Early Saturday Morning
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
The ABDL Apartment Book
The ABDL Apartment Book 2
Country Rose
Country Rose 2

The Secret Binge

The Secret BingeTaken from:

Country Rose 2

KindleNook – Ibook – PDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

here is a little story about reaching one’s limits … and then exceeding them.


The Secret Binge

September 15th

“Look, BabyGirl,” Emmitt whispered in Rose’s ear, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. “It’s Victoria’s Secret. I bet ya used to go to this store a lot, huh? Buyin’ girly panties an’ bras an’ other sorts of cute unmentionables.”

Rose blushed deeply, wanting her pacifier so very much at that moment to calm her. But at the same time, she really didn’t want to be settled at all. She had no idea how good Emmitt actually was at humiliating her and it seemed he could find a little something to tease her about, no matter where they went – whether it was a park in the city, a game at the ball park … or a trip to the Prudential Center Mall on this, the last day of their two-week trip to Boston.

And on this, their last day there, Emmitt was really ramping up all the limit-exceeding humiliation she could handle. Rose had been dressed as a school girl, with one of his button down shirts, a short plaid checkered pleat skirt, white ankle socks, white sneakers, a thickly diapered bottom that kept trying to peak out from under the skirt and pigtails that were tied up so high on the back of her head, they made the pigtails that ‘Abby from NCIS’ wore look like low-riders.

‘Crinkly’ wasn’t just a way to describe the noise she made with each stride. It had also become such a state-of-mind for her that she really didn’t hear the noise anymore – a belly-tickling thought that she had grown so used to it that ‘acceptance’ was now the best word to describe it.

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Riding on Wings

Riding on WingsTaken from:

Country Rose 2

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here is a little story about the difference between living life and living life inside one’s head.


Riding on Wings -

September 1st
Slow-As-Molasses Airlines, Flight 999 to Chicago … your plane is now boarding in Concourse B, Gate 11,” Emmitt heard over the airport monitors.

Emmitt stepped up to the counter at Charley’s Steakery, preparing to order lunch for he and Rose.

“A Buffalo Sub and a Veggie Sub, please,” Emmitt said to the gum-popping girl behind the register.

“6 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch?” the girl asked with such an unpleasant tone that it was clear she hated her job.

“Uh … 9 inch for both,” Emmitt answered, a bit taken back by how unfriendly the girl was.

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Making New Friends and Getting Poopy

Zeke and Lily 10 - For A LifeTimeTaken from:

Zeke and Lily (Book Ten): For a Lifetime

here’ a little story about the importance of being a small fish in the sea and how to get poopy.


Making New Friends and Getting Poopy

Zeke and Lily spent the morning of their second day in the Bahamas simply playing in the blue water directly behind their hotel, riding waves in and eventually collapsing on the beach for a few hours of sunbathing. And as she tanned, Lily’s mind drifted back to the events of last night. Oh, those glorious memories would live a lifetime in her dreams and fantasies. She would remember every emotion, every sensation and every bit of how wonderful the embarrassment actually felt – now that it was over. Though it was intense as it happened, she knew that before long she would have an infatuation with the next time her Daddy taught her a lesson like he did last night.

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The Dipping Routine

HomecomingGus walked in through the front door of his apartment building, shut it and began to labor his way up the staircase to his second floor apartment. These 16-hour days at work seemed like a good way to make some extra cash when he volunteered to work them. But knowing that he would be back at work again tomorrow in just 8 short hours took the joy of the overtime out of the experience for him.

As he unlocked his front door and walked into his apartment, he knew that the next 8 hours would nurture him, re-energize him and re-focus him. While his days at work consisted of him getting dumped on by everyone, his nights at home consisted of him “getting dipped” by his Mommy. And being that he was accustomed to taking orders both day and night, his regression was always an assured thing.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy-n-BabyGirl story.

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