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Getting to the Point

Getting to the PointTaken from:

The ABDL MedFet Book 5

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here is a little story about getting to the point … and then getting beyond it.


Getting to the Point

Thursday Night
“Yes, Robert. I know your last name is Smith, just like the lead singer of The Cure,” Taylor said, picking up her drink and walking out of the kitchen. “You tell me this at least once a week.”

Looking over at Jessica, Taylor rolled her eyes as she walked away from the kitchen, into the living room.

Robert was one of those co-workers who had no social graces to his personality at all and he also had no hope of ever finding said-given graces. It just wasn’t in his genetic make-up. And whenever one of the co-workers threw a private party, they always felt obligated to invite him. Robert would attend the party, usually held in someone’s home, and get so drunk that all he could do was talk about himself.

“Congratulations, Taylor,” Roger the office flirt said, walking up to her and winking with that creepy look on his face that always made her skin crawl. “I hear you were the top salesman of the last quarter. Or I guess I should say you were the top saleswoman.”

“Thank you, Roger,” Taylor said, trying to get away from him, but giving up on her fast-pace steps when he started walking alongside her.

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The ABDL Nympho Book 2

The ABDL Nympho Book 2This is definitely not a pure-n-innocent Yittlin ABDL Story. As with Book 1, The ABDL Nympho Book 2 not only delves into the obsessions of sex but also with bisexual curiosity as the BabyGirls in these stories experience orgasms-a-plenty, fingering, humiliation, tasks on their knees, wetness, swelling, arousal, twitching, contracting muscles, humiliation and contracting muscles afterwards.

Tremors, twitches, ridges and g-spots will all be explored as Nymphomania takes center stage.  But as always:  Sometimes, she’s a Big Girl.  Sometimes, she’s a little girl.  But she’s always his BabyGirl.

Sample: The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl

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The ABDL Nympho Book

The ABDL Nympho BookThis is a collection of short stories about BabyGirls who love the physical with a passion dawning on mania. From a little “unwinding” in a college dorm room to the old work place to the bedroom and beyond, these BabyGirls nurse their pacifiers and hold their heads high as their feet are held higher still.

Sample:  Study Break

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The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl

RapidFireTaken from:

The ABDL Nympho Book 2

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here is a little story about faith, about saving one’s self and about the reward that keeps sending you back to the summit.


The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl

An entire month! That’s 30 days – just a bit more than 4 weeks – 720 hours – 43,200 minutes – 2,592,000 seconds – 22 days of work and 8 days off … but no matter how a month was tabulated, it was way too long to be separated from the one you loved.

Sage stood at the screen door at the back of the kitchen, staring longingly at the skinny stone driveway that led up to the house. The middle of the driveway had grown up with grass, one of countless reasons as to why she was ready to move. And while their house was located at the quiet, rural end of Long Lane, Sage was growing ever-more anxious to plant her roots elsewhere. This chapter of her life was over. And change was desperately needed.

But some things would always remain the same. They needed to remain that way in order for her to survive.

Standing in that kitchen doorway, the main entrance to their little house, Sage was silhouetted by the overhead light behind her. But if details could’ve been seen, they would’ve shown her – wearing her diaper, her earrings … and nothing else. Blowing on her fingernails to ensure that the fresh coat of red nail polish would dry before he got home, Sage looked at the last beams of sunset over the horizon of trees in the distance, nibbling her lower lip – lost in more thoughts than she could process, just then.

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The ABDL Apartment Book 2

The ABDL Apartment Book 2Violet, Sidney and Dixie - The trio BabyGirls of Darkness, Sex and Yittleness, return and their stories pick up right where book one left them off.

Violet is having a great deal of difficulty adjusting from the recent events in her life. Having spent several weeks as a recluse, she begins down a pathway to becoming completely detached from life altogether. In an effort to snap her out of her funk, Sidney and Dixie drag her out of the ABDL apartment and force her to start living life again.

Throughout the rest of the spring semester, there are challenges that the three girls make of each other, tempting fate and, in the process, bringing Violet back from the emotionally dead. Along the way, they visit porn shoppes, go to art expos, have a spanking competition, slumber parties, fetish nights of wild sex, face bisexual feelings that emerge, wage a battle of the sexes challenge, get diapered, coddled, tied down, regressed and ravaged.

And then they do all it again.

The ABDL Apartment Book 2 continues the story of three kinky college couples who live in a 3-story apartment building, learning of themselves, of others and exploring all the possibilities that life can offer them.

Mind Over Matter
Finding All the Right Words to Say
The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed
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Catch up with Book One in this series:

The ABDL Apartment Book

The ABDL Apartment BookHazel Ridge Lane has hosted quite a few unruly tenants from the nearby college in all of its years as affordable, off-campus housing.  But everything that residential area has ever seen and known is about to be turned on its head as three couples move into an apartment building and make kinkiness their dynamic way of life.  They learned the dynamic they share has different levels, but when all put under the same roof, there will be drama … in diapers.

Sample:  Drama In Diapers

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The ABDL Apartment Book 2
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The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed

The Moment of TruthTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about speaking what needs to be spoken and accepting the consequences of truth.


The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed -

April 10th

Sidney walked in the front door of the apartment building, drudging her steps up the stairwell and unlocking their apartment door on the second floor. The semester was beginning to drag and if there was one more professor who felt the need to hold one more exam before finals, Sidney was either going to pull her hair out of her head and lose her mind or just simply go on a killing spree.

Setting her books on the island table in the kitchen, she drug her feet down the hallway and into the bedroom. Reece would be back any minute from his last class of the day and Sidney was looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the night. Slipping out of her jeans and her shirt, she enacted the 4pm rule – which stated: If all your classes were done for the day and all your responsibilities were taken care and if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you wouldn’t be leaving the house for the rest of the day, then there was no intelligible reason to be wearing a bra.

Taking her bra off and flinging it across the bedroom, she flopped down in the middle of the bed. Oh, it felt so good just be wearing nothing but her underwear. Free of all clothing that hugged to her body and showed off her figure but also restricted breathing and fostered everything physically uncomfortable, Sidney closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and exhaled the same.

And that was when it happened again.

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Finding All the Right Words to Say

Finding All the Right Words to SayTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about finding unspoken words.


Finding All the Right Words to Say –

April 1st

“Thank you,” Sidney said to the pharmacist as she grabbed the white prescriptions bags, then rushing out of Smiley’s pharmacy.

Sidney had become a little paranoid about getting pregnant and she had begun taking every precaution she could think of.

“Did you get the same ones?” Dixie said, looking in both white bags as they headed up the street to Sam’s Pizzeria.

“I think so,” Sidney said, keeping Dixie moving as they had a tight schedule to keep that night.

“Yuppers,” Dixie said, reading the bottle labels. “MooooNessaaaa.”

“Okay, let’s go over a few things so we don’t get behind,” Sidney said, stopping in front of the pizzeria. “We’re gonna go in here, get the pizzas and double-time it back to the apartment. We’re gonna take the pizzas into Violet’s apartment and then we’re gonna get everyone eating so we can get ready down in Violet’s apartment.”

“Right,” Dixie said. “And then we’re gonna get ready and leave from her apartment no later than 7:45 pm. I got it, Sis.”

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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over MatterTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about the strengths we have – even when we can’t see them about ourselves.


Mind Over Matter -

It was March 8th, International Women’s Day worldwide. And in theme of such, Violet proudly moved back into her first floor apartment – Sidney & Reece and Dallas & Dixie helping to carry her belongings back down from Dallas & Dixie’s third floor apartment in the building.

Violet took one step back into the first floor apartment and froze in horror as memories of the last time she was there flooded her mind. The others kept bring arm-fulls of her possessions back down to the apartment as she slowly walked around the living room, remembering all-too-vividly the night that Van, her ex-boyfriend, pinned her down in that room and choked her out – all while being high on whatever drug he had taken that night.

But the reassuring fact remained that these were just memories of the past. Van was gone, arrested and awaiting his day in court. And to ensure that he would never again set foot in that apartment or anywhere in that apartment building, Violet filed a restraining order against him. So, the next logical step to take, now that she had removed him from her life, was to remove him from her memories as well. That was a task far easier said than done, however. Yeah, he was abusive. But that hideous truth wasn’t enough to eradicate the happy memories she had with him. She and Van had been together for a few years and while moving on was a necessity for Violet, it still wasn’t enough to prevent her from thinking back happily on a lot of fond remembrances with Van. And this was her greatest challenge of all: To ignore the sparse happiness of her past in order to not refute the open possibilities of her future.

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